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Incorporating code compliance and recommendations from ADA, ACSM, OSHA we can help to drastically reduce your liability risks

Risk Assessment

March 15, 2012, marked an important date for fitness facilities when it comes to updates to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). New requirements from a 2010 update of the ADA go into effect on that date, and those requirements affect fitness facilities with and without pools.


The ADA was created in 1990 by the Department of Justice as a federal civil rights law to prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities, now affecting more than 50 million Americans—nearly 18 percent of our population. The 1990 standards set minimum requirements for facilities according to their market segment. The majority of fitness facilities fall under Title III—Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities. The requirements included minimum heights for countertops and light switches, signage, bathroom fixture selection, walkway widths, railings and flooring choices. These requirements were an effort to make public facilities more accessible to people

ADA Compliance ADA compliance begins at the design phase and continues to day-to-day operations. We consult during all phases to ensure facilities are compliant at all times.
OSHA Compliance In addition to creating a safe environment for your clients it is just as important to maintain a safe workplace for your employees. We help to make sure our clients are OSHA complaint and take the proper steps to maintain compliance.
Physical Facility Liability Reduction  There are a number of areas within the fitness facility which can be considered potential liability risks. Our consulting ensures the day-to-day operations and facility design reduces the liability and creates the safest environment
Procedural Liability Reduction In addition to the physical liability there are a number of procedures that must be in place within the fitness center to reduce liability. Our consulting addresses procedural concerns such as emergency planning and customer service.
Employee Relations We also help to insulate our clients from potential liability relating to employee relations. 

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New ADA Requirements Affect Fitness Facilities

Mar. 10, 2012
Kurt Broadhag | Club Industry