program development

Offering a full range of services for developing your facility to meet your clients needs.


Feasibility Study  Using data formulated from target demographics, facility size and budget,  and facility goals we can assist our clients in determining the feasibility of their business model.
Target Demographics As with the design phase, a clear understanding of our clients target market aids us in developing programs to meet their needs.
Staffing We help our clients in defining benefits of staffed versus non-staffed facilities and the feasibility of outsourcing their staffing needs. In addition, we can help in developing the different employee positions and job descriptions including management, front desk staff, cleaning, maintenance, personal training, group instructing, sales, and therapists .      

Personal Training Personal training is an important revenue stream for most fitness facilities and therefore an important component in program development. We create custom personal training programs that define standard ideas and create safe practices while still meeting effective goals.
Group Class Structure Our consulting addresses the feasibility of group class programs. We help our clients with
creating class structure, scheduling, and staffing.
Facility Forms We can furnish our clients with a number of forms needed to run the day-to-day operation of a fitness center .
Signage In addition to standard liability release forms proper signage is crucial in reducing liability and informing members of rules and regulations. We develop signage to meet each clients specific needs.
Wellness Design In many facilities, especially corporate centers, wellness programs are an important component  within the fitness facility. We aid our clients in creating wellness programs aimed to positively influence the members to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Staff Training We offer our clients staff training in such area's as computer program operations, equipment operations, day-to-day job tasks, and basic facility philosophies.            


CPR/First AID/AED Certification We can schedule and administer CPR/First Aid/AED training to certify all staff members in case of emergency 


Emergency Procedures In addition to staff training we develop emergency procedures for within the fitness facility to be followed by all employees.